ProjectSpace Features

ProjectSpace is based on client-server architecture cloud computing. As long as there is an Internet connection, team members may reside anywhere in the world. ProjectSpace allows Project Managers and team members to track and manage resources, log project time, share project files, conversations and schedules. It may also be used for reporting, invoicing, and document storage for each project.

Personal ProjectSpace: Use your personal home page (Portal) to prioritize, customize and organize all the information you need to accomplish your goals. See who is online, create a private task list, create personal contacts, add favorite or project-based links, watch project milestones and events and keep track of your schedule using the built-in calendar. It is completely customized by the user if there is something you don't want to see simply turn it off.

Calendar: Schedule meetings add events per project with meeting request and email notification. Intergraded with Microsoft Outlook; just click on the meeting icon and save the event or meeting in your Microsoft Outlook schedule.

Chat: Complete chat room to enable real-time customer interaction, enhance online projects, and improve corporate communications. The chat rooms are displayed and based on what project you logged into. After a discussion you can save the session to a text file or print it out, click a person's name to see his or her profile.

Forums: Threaded messaging facilitates communication and information sharing on your project. You and your colleagues can discuss issues, share discussions that relate to these issues, and collaborate to resolve questions that arise. Email integration allows you to know when someone replies to your messages, so you don't have to keep checking the discussion to stay current.

Defect Tracking: Complete tracking system this will send out the appropriate emails to the development team and send the user who submit it a tracking number. This module is searchable for easy sharing between key stakeholders such as employees, partners and contractors. Extensive data-management features, along with a centralized communication capability, enable faster communication and response to critical events. It ultimately provides a competitive advantage through a more comprehensive understanding of project quality information and proactive regulatory compliance.

Features Continued...

Expense Management : Project expense tracking tool for tracking cash flows (inflow and outflow). It allows users to set up one or more tracking sheets to track expense transactions along with categories for those transactions (Gas, Meals, Entertainment...). When an expense is entered into the system emails are sent to the appropriate user and the project manager. Project managers can accept or decline any expense and emails are sent to the appropriate users.

Risk Management: Complete tracking system this will send out the appropriate emails to the project manager and send the user who submit it a tracking number. Risk Management features includes project Cut and Paste, improved Risk Category, History and Status handling and Alerts functionality.

Issue Management: Issue Management module provides an integrated system for Corrective and Preventive Action management and reporting. The Issue Management module this will send out the appropriate emails to the project manager and send the user who submit it a tracking number. Issue Management features includes project Cut and Paste, improved issue Category, History and Status handling and Alerts functionality.

File/Multiple File Upload: Internet based file storage for your project. With it, you can upload files to your project, then your work group members can download those files later. ProjectSpace allows you to easily upload large files, provided they fit in your space limit. Share files without clogging your email system with huge file attachments.

Time Tracking: Employees can enter time against predetermined task associated by an hourly rate. Capture billable task using our time tracking module in separate time bills or in weekly timesheets by filling out a simple and intuitive form. Turn your time bills or weekly timesheets into an invoice with a simple click of the mouse (See task and invoicing below), then send it to your clients either electronically or print it out and mail it yourself. This is the easiest way for you to send your clients professional invoices.

Knowledge Management: This module allows your organization to create a corporate learning community where process, industry or customer-related knowledge is stored and searchable for easy sharing between key stakeholders such as employees, partners and contractors.

Work Group: View contact information (phone numbers, email address's for all project team members. Just click on the contact icon and add it to you Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Task Management: Workgroup members and project managers can view, add, edit, or delete project tasks (based on security access). Responsibilities for various tasks of the project can be distributed by the project manager who then becomes accountable to all project participants. Tasks are customized per project or not, work group members that have been assigned a task maintain a percetage completion value to assist project managers with better visibility on a project's status. A project's completion percentage is computed based on the values entered for each task. This module is intergraded with time tracking so work done on tasks becomes eligible for invoicing to ensure accurate billing. Intergraded with Microsoft Project so project managers can import and export task and has a complete email notification engine.

Documentation: All project documentation may be stored in ProjectSpace, complete with version control. Meet the needs of both project managers, who typically work with word processing documents and spreadsheets, and technical users, who work with CAD drawings. Will help project managers manage controlled documents throughout their life cycle. Increase project management efficiencies by making controlled documents available online for your work group members, contractors and vendors.

Accounting/Invoicing: Each project is defined with estimated costs, hours, and billing methods. Projects become eligible for billing as new deliverables are entered or hours are entered on tasks. Create invoices according to the task performed and the hours it taken to complete the task. Print, email or save to disk invoice to clients. This module can be intergraded into your accounting software i.e. Quickbooks, Peachetree, MAS90, CostPoint accounting and many others.

Reports: Run reports on project status, outstanding tasks, upcoming tasks. Track your status reporting in 30, 60 or 90 day increments. Complicated reports can be developed and deployed quickly. Use reports for executive analysis, project completion, billable time and user management.

Administration: Add, modify, delete, and disable user accounts or projects with email notification. Customize your look and feel of the ProjectSpace application. The Administration module allows administrators to edit privileges to project users through the creation of "user accounts." Administrators are given privileges to add and remove user accounts as well as to edit the user accounts (by changing the profile or the password without knowledge of the user's current password).